Our Internet Access services are delivered to business customers utilizing Fiber Optic as well as Wireless radio-based point to point and point to multi-point. We are utilizing the latest technology to deliver a stable and dependable connection with the capability to adjust to different capacity as well as various business needs.


Is a type of internet service that utilizes radio signal transmission from a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) to deliver a high speed internet access to particular area in its transmission radius. It is the most preferred option for home users. This service available in some packages and custom use.


As an Internet service provider, we had invested and continue to develop our fiber optic. We are working with developers, buildings owners, and operators to expand our high-quality Fiber Optic Infrastructure and provide a high speed internet connections to high-rise apartments, office buildings, and hotels. Today we are considered to be one of the most preferred FTTH and FTTB providers in Jakarta, Bekasi, Malang and other cities in Indonesia.